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Specific services offered by Science, Health, Response and Regulatory (SHRR) Consulting:

  • Emergency Preparedness and Contingency Planning including Pandemic Preparedness
  • Table Top Exercise Development to Evaluate Preparedness for Chemical, Biological and Radiological Exposures
  • Health & Medical Information Support
  • Scientific Project Management
  • Assisting with Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP) and Development of COOP Satellite Work Locations
  • Government Contracting & Support


Emergency Preparedness and Contingency Planning/Pandemic Preparedness

Assisting with defining and documenting appropriate actions to protect the workforce of a business or federal or state agency in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.  Experience includes writing Integrated Response Architectures, Standard Operating Procedures to promote interoperability, and Pandemic Workforce Protection Plans.


Table Top Exercise Development to Evaluate Preparedness for Chemical, Biological and Radiological Exposures

Utilizing the Tabletop Exercise Tool to evaluate the effectiveness of Standard Operating Procedures, setting up the planning team, creating the scenario, developing Exercise Evaluation Guides (EEGs) and Master Scenario Events Lists (MSELs), moderating the exercises, initiating of hot-wash post-exercise briefings to determine which activities and/or emergency response procedures worked well and those which need to be improved, and development of the After-Action-Report (AAR) and Improvement Plan associated with the incident/exercise.  All exercise-related materials are in compliance with the Department of Homeland Security's/Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) and address National Response Framework requirements including use of the Incident Command System (ICS). Projects associated with this category include tabletop exercises for EPA's Regional Lab Response Plans and the Department of Homeland Security's Integrated Consortium of Laboratory Response/Network Coordinating Group (ICLN NCG).


Health & Medical Information Support

Providing specific health information associated with chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) agents or contaminants.  This includes assistance with immediate acute response or long-term response including health assessments associated with sites that have CBRNE contamination.  Specific support available includes a summary of peer reviewed literature as provided on PUBMED, an evaluation of the extent of site contamination and exposure to the surrounding community, symptomology associated with exposure, and available medical treatments, if they exist.  Past projects related to this category include the EPA Water Contaminant Information Tool ( which lists approximately 100 CBRNE contaminants that could be used to contaminate drinking water systems as well as water quality parameters that would be modified due to the presence of these contaminants, symptom onset due to exposure through drinking water, and toxicology and remediation aspects.


Scientific Project Management

Assist in organizing the day-to-day operation of a scientific project and ensuring the project is completed on schedule and within budget.  Project experience includes assistance as a subcontractor for the Department of Homeland Security's Integrated Consortium of Laboratory Networks and a contractor for the U.S. Geological/Pan American Health Association's Border Health project.  In addition, includes experience as the Principal Investigator of an environmental epidemiological health survey.  Duties included completing paperwork for the Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocols and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) packages, survey data collection, data analysis using SAS, quarterly briefings to federal partners, creating Frequently Asked Questions lists for the general public, fielding phone calls from concerned/impacted citizens, providing press briefings on the status of the project, and generating the final report.


Assisting with Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP) and Development of COOP Satellite Work Locations

This area of expertise includes contingency planning to assist federal agencies or businesses with maintaining normal essential functions in the event of an emergency. This may entail establishing a satellite work location so that all normal day-to-day operations can be replicated and continued if the main location is destroyed or inoperable. This would require operational exercises to ensure that normal essential staff would be able to perform all of their job duties from this alternate location.  Experience includes associated no-notice exercises related to CDC COOP plans created while an employee at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC's) Director's Emergency Operations Center (DEOC).


Government Contracting & Support

Providing subject matter expertise, assistance, and guidance as well as program management, project management and program integration to support the mission of Federal and State Government agencies.  Project experience includes both contractor and subcontractor roles on projects for CDC, DHS, USGS, EPA, and PAHO.

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